MAI Capital is an Australian alternative investor, investing in high growth companies looking to expand into China through venture capital and private equity. Now is the opportune time for innovative Australian companies to create value through market entry into China.


Clean Technology




Growth through specialisation.

MAI Capital specialise in market entry into China. We partner with innovative companies within the health, education, agriculture, logistics and clean tech sectors that are positioned to provide solutions for the Chinese economy.

Our team and investor networks have deep experience in commercialisation within the Chinese market, giving Australian companies unprecedented access to capital and partnerships.

A market in transition.


China is moving into the next phase of its economic transformation, turning its focus from manufacturing and investment towards building an innovative consumption based economy. As China continues to transition, new challenges emerge requiring innovative solutions.


Australia can take advantage of these reforms as growth in China's demand for world-leading technologies opens up exciting opportunities for companies and research institutions to leverage. Australia's strong record of innovation means that it is well placed to take advantage of this trend.

Our values.


We approach our work with vigour and enthusiasm.

Strategic Partnerships

We believe in creating win-win situations and working to create mutual benefits.


We operate with an honest and fair approach to all our staff and stakeholders.

Open Minded

We are accepting and encouraging. We seek opportunities in all situations.

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