MAI Capital is an Australian Investment Group, focused on investing in companies looking to expand into China. We see now as the opportune time for innovative Australian companies to create value through Chinese market entry.



Clean Technology



Growth through specialisation.

MAI Capital specialise in market entry into China. We partner with innovative companies that are well positioned to provide solutions for the Chinese economy.

Our team and investor networks have deep experience in commercialisation within the Chinese market, giving Australian companies unprecedented access to capital and partnerships.

A Strong Partnership Opportunity.


As China’s economy continues to transition, new challenges emerge requiring innovative solutions. The countries demand for world leading products opens up exciting opportunities for businesses to meet these needs.


Australian companies naturally have a number of advantages when working with China, such as having the brand reputation of providing clean, high quality products and our geographic proximity to Asia simplifies conducting business across borders.

Our values.


We believe that great things happen when all parties are truly aligned.
We take the time to listen and share our ideas openly and freely, so that no one is ever left behind.


Every choice we make is backed up by our determination. We are completely committed to each other and to our partners; no matter how hard it gets or how long it takes.


The outcomes we deliver today shape the future of tomorrow. So we bring pride and passion to every opportunity, underpinned by our belief in legacy.

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